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Jennifer Anderson
Miami - Florida
I had a blurry picture of my boyfriend, but now the quality is way better! Thanks so much PicFocus!
Ronnie Sunderland
San Jose - California
Some of my party pictures were really blurry, but they look pretty good now! Thanks again PicFocus!
PicFocuz fixed over 3,399,677 pictures in 2014
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Fix your blurry, out of focus or shaky photo or image. PicFocuz is also available on the android appstore. It's time to say goodbye to all the blurry photos that you thought can't be fixed. With "PicFocuz" you can deblur your out of focus or shaky photos within seconds to get back those nice pictures that you always wanted. Uses advanced algorithms optimized for phones and tablets to recover details, information and clarity from blurry images. Its ease of use will amaze you. Just use a slider to deblur your picture from moderate to high levels. It analyzes your photo to automatically do the right thing. Instant comparison - you can compare the original photo with the fixed photo by pressing the "View" button. It will not replace/overwrite/edit your original photos, all changes are saved as a copy when you click the "Save" button. We can't reply to market comments, if you have any questions or face any prob
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